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While Learning a framework or a language, an important part is to create real-world apps to test your knowledge !
Well, in this simple Blog I will talk about apps that you can build to get a good grasp about flutter and to learn the necessary things.

1. Background Colors/Image Changer

A Simple App with a single Screen and a Button to change the background color of the app or the background image randomly.

Learning Objectives 🙄

- Basics Of UI

- Basics Of Dart

2. Authentication UI

An App with your entire focus on just creating a complete UI for login, signup and forgot password.

Try to add validation like empty, max-length or min-lenght and also play around with keyboard types.

Learning Objectives 🙄

- Responsive UI

- Inputs, Forms and Validation

- Navigating To Screens

3. Calculator / Currency Converter

Just The normal obvious calculator app and/or a currency converter.

Learning Objectives 🙄

- Responsive UI

- Inputs

- More On Dart Backend

4. Tasks Manager Or Registration Forms

Another app to add more cherries on top of your skills-cake. The main objective here is to learn more about local storage like hive or sqflite .

Learning Objectives 🙄

- More on Responsive UI

- Working With Local Storage/Databases

- Multiple Screens or Inputs In Dialogs

- More About Writing backend code

5. Online Image Fetcher

An App where you can fetch online images from websites that provide easy API like pexels.
Now to push your skill more, feel free to add a search option or a Click to download option. This app is also meant to give an understanding of Permissions .

Learning Objectives 📡

- UI Obviously 😐

- Working With http requests

- Internet and Storage Permission

- Future Builders And Internet Connectivity Checks

6. Firebase Starter - Auth + Database

Ok, We are not going to talk about basic apps anymore, it's going to get a bit more hardworking in here. This app is all about setting up firebaase for your app and then to use atleast 2 type of Authentication, Databases and User Specific Data !

Also, The easy blend of firebase and flutter is actually putting it as a good choice for market needs. So this is worth learning.

Learning Objectives 🚀

- Firebase Setup And SHA Keys

- Email Password Singup/Login

- Google Authentication

- Database Setup

- User Specific Data

- Protected Routes

7. Getting Deeper - Social Media, E-Comm

well, not another simple app but can be used a major project with trying to replicate the core ideas of a social media app or an e-comm.

Learning Objectives 🚀

- Multi User Data

- Data Inter-Connection

- Better Database Structure for searching and sorting

- File/Image Uploads

- Stream Connection

- May be Some Work With Real Time Data

8. Custom Auth API + Flutter Authentications

Last but not the least, in this app we can use talk about actual real world apps which as of now use their own server.
Now a point of caution here is that as an app developer you may not always be supposed to create your own API, so no need to feel low 😉.
PS : If you want to know more you can checkout REST API tutorials or GRAPHQL Tutorials !

Learning Objectives 🚀

- Authentication

- Connecting to Own Server

- http GET , POST, DELETE and PUT

- Image/FIle Uploads

- Security

Well, This is not the end of the learning cycle, but after this you will be pretty good with the understanding of Backend and should be able to create complex UIs. You might have to look more on android or iOS hardware specific things like IR blaster , wifi direct and background services, because Flutter doesn't have good support as of now.


Also You can spend more time learning different Flutter Widgets, Themes, Writting Simple and Optimised Code, Animations, more on BLOC and Providers etc. And try to use them in your exisiting apps to make them better.

And that's pretty much it from my side, Hope you found it useful !!

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